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Back scanning of documentation service with full indexing.

Storage and/or destruction where necessary.


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Electronic Document Management Systems

Software used for electronic archiving, workflow and compliance of digital files.

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SARS and POPI compliant. The future of admin!

Digital Signature integration. Legally compliant!

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Variable data business process management tools

Populate customisable mobile forms automatically. Automate statements, PODs and HR documentation.

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Electronic Document Managament

Enterprise Content Management, sometimes known as Electronic Document
Management, is the ONE tool bringing businesses of all walks of life into the digital age.


Streamlined and efficient, administration woes are a thing of the past!

Docuware document management software on multiple devices

The Basic Idea

Electronic document management basics

Scan in documents or receive documents by email.

Electronic document management basics

Documents are automatically uploaded from folders or email addresses.

Electronic document management basics

Indexing takes place automatically by either: OCR, Barcode, Intelligent Indexing or integration with existing databases.

Electronic document management basics

Workflows are kicked off immediately so that documents can be actioned. Plenty detail, including escalations.

Key Features

Electroni document management key features

Independently recognise more than 256 document types, not just PDF's!!

Electroni document management key features

Full audit trail on all documents once they enter the system. What,
How, Who. No user can delete documents in the system.

Electroni document management key features

Detailed user security mimicking current security infrastructure. AD
authentication also available. POPI Compliant.

Electroni document management key features

Version control. Changes made to documents are automatically
saved as a new version. Templates remain protected in the

Additional Features

Full feature experience:

> Full-text search

> Outlook and other Mail app integration

> Mobile App

> HTML Forms and URL integration

> ERP, LOB system integration

> Export index info to CSV

> Docuware printer

> Web-based access

Douware Mobile App

Not only will you be cutting down on printing and paper costs and increasing productivity and efficiency, but most importantly, you will be making the world a better place...

PlanetPress Connect Product Overview
PlanetPress Explainer, Information Input

Data and documents are sent to PlanetPress Connect from any host system or application, like ERPs or financial systems, in any format.

- Automated

- Based on rules

- Runs in the background

PlanetPress Explainer, Communication Reengineering

PlanetPress Connect processes the information and uses existing data and resources to create personalised content for print, email and web.

Enhance your existing layouts with:

- Colours

- Barcodes

- Inserter controls

- Page overflow

- Complex tables

- Dynamic graphs

- Wrap around text

PlanetPress Explainer, Distribution

PlanetPress then outputs the documents. Anything can be automated at this stage.

All automatically based on business rules and conditions:

- Split, merge and sort files

- Archive

- Print

- Send emails

- Send text messages

- Serve web pages and web content

PlanetPress Explainer, Interaction

After receiving a communication the recipients can take action.

- Answer an email

- Fill a web form

- Place an order

- Pay an invoice

PlanetPress Connect receives this information and acts on it based on rules and conditions set up by the user to trigger follow-up processes.

Some PlanetPress key benefit areas include (but are not limited to):

- Automated digital PODs for deliveries with dashboard control and automated customer notifications by both mail and sms.

- Automated issuing of customer statements as well as customised customer portals...